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CNC Router Files Battery Holder Charging Station for Dewalt Batteries

CNC Router Files Battery Holder Charging Station for Dewalt Batteries

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As a big user of Dewalt cordless power tools, I have a ton of 20v dewalt batteries scattered all across my workshop, To add some organization, I 3D modeled this battery holder rack charging station for dewalt 20v batteries to store a bunch of my dewalt batteries. Batteries needing a charge can be stored on the bottom shelf while a few batteries get charged up in the middle of the cabinet and then once the batteries are all charged, they can be moved up to one of the battery holders!

The design features (15) slots for storing dewal batteries, (1) charger mount to attach up to (3) dewalt chargers, and (1) large shelf for storing batteries waiting to be charged and other items!

These CNC Router files are a great way to get your CNC up and running quickly with a project that will help you organize your Dewalt 20v cordless batteries. Included are Vcarve Pro CRV files, DXF files SVG files and 3D files for using the models or drawings to generate your own battery holder rack for dewalt 20v batteries!

The largest part to be CNC Routered on this project is 29-1/2" (750mm) in size.

The design is available in formats for working with material in the following thicknesses:

• 23/32" (18mm) - will also need a piece of 1/8" (3mm) material for a few parts
• 3/4" (19mm) - will also need a piece of 1/8" (3mm) material for a few parts

Each including the following File Formats:
• Fusion 360
• Vectric VCarve Pro CRV
• Adobe Illustrator

Along with the files is a set of PDF Instructions and notes.

Equipment Needed:
• Software to Generate Toolpaths
• CNC Router
• Endmill (1/4" or a 1/8" would also work)

Keep in mind that you may encounter situations where you need to modify the files or something based on your CNC, Endmills, Software available, etc. I always encourage test cuts to be made before CNC Routing an entire design.

Terms of Use:
• These files are for personal use only. No commercial use of these files in permitted. 
• These files are not to be shared or distributed via any physical or digital methods.

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