Dryforge Dividers for Milwaukee Packout Rolling 22in Tool Box 48-22-8426

Dryforge specializes in making tool box inserts and organizers for the Milwaukee Packout tool box line. In this post, we'll cover a few of the divider and organization products made to fit in the Milwaukee Packout Rolling 22ing Tool Box 48-22-8426.



Overview of Products:

The four products covered will be; 

  • The 3-Compartment Divider  
  • The 3-Compartment Stubby
  • The Tri Divider 
  • The Hand Tool Organizer (HTO)


Dryforge Design Goals:

There are a few areas that Dryforge focuses on when making tool box inserts; 


  1. Add a divider or insert to a tool box without the need to modify the tool box
  2. Produce a high quality product that can stand up to the needs of trades professionals in their day to day work.
  3. Improve organization of power tools, hand tools, bit cases and other job site supplies.


The 3 Compartment Divider

The 3 Compartment Divider was the first product Dryforge started making to improve the organization inside a Packout tool box. It felt fitting to create a divider for the Rolling Packout as it is often the foundation of most Packout stacks. The 3 Compartment divider creates 1 compartment that is half the width of the Rolling Packout box and 2 compartments that are each a quarter of the Rolling tool box. This set of dividers is designed to allows the black plastic tool tray (that comes with each Rolling 22in tool box) to be work on either side of the tool box with the dividers installed.

Link to The 3-Compartment Divider for the Rolling 22in Tool Box.


The STUBBY 3 Compartment Divider

The Stubby 3 Compartment Divider was an off shoot from the regular 3 Compartment Divider. This product came to life after Dryforge received a number of requests for a shorter version of the 3 Compartment Divider that could allow the Packout Tool Tray with Quick Adjust Tool Dividers (84-22-8045) to fit in the Rolling Packout tool box. 

The features of this divider set are the same as the regular 3 Compartment but shorter so that the red Tool Tray can be added to the Rolling Packout.

Link to The STUBBY 3-Compartment Divider for the Rolling 22in Tool Box.




The Tri Divider

The Tri Divider was a new take on a set of dividers for the Rolling Packout that created three similar sized compartments. When desired, this configuration can have a part added for the organization of hand tools in the middle compartment. This part also features a square cutout for storing a red bin that can be found in the 11 compartment Packout tool box 48-22-8430 or the 5 compartment Packout tool box 48-22-8435. Hand tools such as pliers or screwdrivers can be added to the middle plate. 

The Tri Divider was created so that job site supplies like rolls of Romex could be stored in each compartment. Or each compartment could be dedicated to a specific drill or impact along with bit cases and other drill accessories.

Link to The Tri Divider for the Rolling 22in Tool Box.


The Hand Tool Organizer (HTO)

The hand tool organizer has quickly become a favorite here at Dryforge for the Packout tool box inserts. The Rolling HTO was the first of its kind but quickly options for a Packout Crate HTO and the Packout 10in Compact HTO (sometimes referred to as the Packout Ammon Can), were developed as requests came in for differe HTO's.

Lots of trades and maintenance technicians have added the Dryforge HTO to their Rolling 22in Packout for increased hand tool organization. 

The front of the Rolling HTO is a full length divider that creates a long compartment at the front of the Rolling Packout. This compartment is big enough for larger tools like reciprocating saws, PEX crimp tools, longer pipe wrenches, multiple drills and impacts, or many other power tools. 

The back section of the HTO features a tool plate with cut outs for many sets of pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, putty knifes and other hand tools. The rear of the HTO features a small divider that creates a long narrow compartment where miscellaneous items like bit cases, packs of utility blades and other items can be stored.

The Rolling HTO does allow the black plastic tool tray (that comes with each Packout Rolling 22in tool box) to fit on either side. A tip for using the black tool tray is to store the shorter hand tools on the side that the black tool tray will be store, this way the black tool tray can be inserted fully. 

Link to The Hand Tool Organizer for the Rolling 22in Tool Box.


Requests and Questions:

Do you have a product request of a question for Jared at Dryforge?

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Dryforge Dividers for Milwaukee Packout Rolling 22in Tool Box 48-22-8426
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